Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Like write, write everything, everything
Cause my first dream is to be a famous writer
Now, I grow to be the woman not the girl again
But my habit, a way to take decision like a child
Silly :p selfish [!] and confused about my problem in my part of my life
Forget him ! from your self not from his demand, my friends or natural
Starting from you
Believe in you this way is never fluent
You aren’t an actor in story at television who can always acting to be patient of the situation like this
I will do it. Not forget but I won’t disturb again
I just keep my heart
Donn’t know what I think
But may be you need me. I will came
Then if you have clear
You can leave me again
Too stupid do something like I do
Yeah, idon’t understand
Till God give me a feel bored
And clear all story of you in my mind

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